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Lead Free Jumpers
Our Inflatables are LEAD FREE!
We buy our Jumpers from manufacturers that meet the lead free requirements.
Great Combo Jumper!

Your jumper rental was delivered on time, was very cost effective, your guys provided great service and your Combo Jumper Water Slide was awesome!  The kids loved it... almost as much as the parents!  Thank you guys for pulling this off in such short notice.  I love your website\'s "Book A Bounce"! 

Contact Information
Panda Jumpers
424 S Rosemead Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107
Phone: 626-817-9878

BounceHouse Arcadia, Kids Party Moonwalks
Terms & Conditions

Panda Jumpers requires review of this disclaimer for all purchases and rentals. All products are to be used with care. Safety instructions are listed on the side of each inflatable product. These instructions should be read by all participants and followed by all participants of our inflatable products. When children are using the inflatable products, adult supervision is required. If blower is shut off for any reason, (electrical etc) all participants should leave immediately. Participants could be trapped and injured if they do not leave the inflatable products immediately. Panda Jumpers will not be held liable for the misuse of our products. If the instructions that each inflatable product are not followed, then Panda Jumpers will not be liable for the injury of any participant who uses our products out of the normal use that these products were designed and built for. Are inflatable products are built for fun and entertainment as long as they are used for normal use. All buyers and renters should use these products at there own risk and should use due diligence to protect any participants using our products.

Inflatable products are designed for good to fair weather conditions. Panda Jumpers warranties will not be honored if our inflatable products are used in bad weather conditions. Rain and Snow can damage the jumper and blower and cause an unsafe environment for all participants using Panda Jumper products. Please make sure all blowers are not left outside during bad weather conditions as it could cause electrical problems. Warranties for all Air blowers will not be honored if blowers are left out in unsafe weather conditions. Our Inflatable products were not designed for high winds of over 15 miles per hours. We highly recommend tying down the inflatable with stakes on windy days as inflatable products could be blown over and cause damage to participants and the inflatable product itself.

All inflatable products have maximum weight restrictions. Do not go over the weight per person or the maximum weight for all occupants. Please make sure children play with children of there own size. Larger children could injure smaller children if they bounce of each other. Make sure weight is disbursed evenly around all Panda Jumper Inflatable. If there are two many participants on one side of the inflatable product, then the jumper could collapse to one side and cause injury to participants. Take due diligence and read all manufacture safety rules and pamphlets enclosed with any our products. Panda Jumpers sells and rents a wide variety of products and each product will have different rules to abide by.

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